Wisdom Calls

What Is Wisdom ?

Wisdom is not what many imagine it to be – just knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to know HOW to apply the knowledge in any given situation. It is the application of knowledge, not the knowledge itself. For instance you have a problem. You very often know what to do, but it is in the HOW you are going to go about it – HOW you are going to tell that person – HOW you are going to go about selling that product – HOW you are going to arrange something – that calls for wisdom.

Problems = knowing what to do + how you are going to do it (wisdom) = The right outcome.

Frustration and suffering comes when we know what we have to do but we don’t know how to apply the action. How we are going to go about it. What is the best way we ask ourselves?

Then we find ourselves asking others for advice. Which is good but we very often get conflicting advice. And this is where the crunch comes. Everyone’s advice sounds good but something isn’t feeling right. You start thinking and the mind gets confused. So you get stressed and suffer choice. Which one do I choose ? Choice becomes stressful when we find ourselves having to choose something which is not in alignment with how we feel.

Within every problem there is a solution and within every solution there is a HOW to do it (wisdom). When we still the mind, we hear the wisdom calling deep within us. It comes in a small still voice of feeling right. Even if it seems logically wrong. You instinctively know what you should do. And if you really analyze it here. You find yourself asking others for advice because – ‘ you actually know instinctively how to do it’ but you want others to confirm it!!. This is how the mind works it is always wanting confirmation from others. We all do it. We hope to hear someone say – “Ah do it this way”. Which is the way you instinctively know. When you find yourself doing this – you already have and know the answer. So why do we do this? We do this because we do not fully trust our own intuition and instincts. Our conditioned mindset gets in the way and argues with you bringing about conflicting thoughts and emotions. Which brings about fear and suffering and the inability to move forward with your right decision.

So when our intuition and instincts call out to us and say – ‘this is HOW to do it’ – we feel the wisdom, the truth within us. Then we look to others to confirm in words, what we are actually feeling – ‘the HOW to’ – the wisdom. Next time you have a problem and you find yourself asking for advice. Listen to the advice and then listen to your reaction.

Is it what you want to hear?
Is it in line with how you feel instinctively?
Is it confirming the small still voice of wisdom within you?

If you can’t hear the still small voice of wisdom within you. Some one will always confirm what is right for you when you remain open. It comes as a revelation with a feeling this is right. Then you will know you have the answer because you have heard your own wisdom of your higher self.

May the wisdom of your higher self bless you in all walks of your life as from this day forward. And may you have the courage of your convictions to walk in the way of the Wisdom within you.

Debbie Anderson © 2015

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