The Whirlwind of Emotions

How Can I Remain Peaceful When All Around Me There Is Turmoil ?

Can It Truly Be Possible To Be In A State Of Bliss When I Am Assailed By So Much Negativity ?

The answer here is yes. You can be in a state of bliss when all around you falls apart in a whirlwind of negativity, noise, stress and despair. But how you ask ?

When all hell breaks out around you. Don’t become attached to it. Don’t react to it. This is detachment. Look at what is going on as an observer. Like you do when watching a movie. Remain in a state of non-reaction – emotionless – without any thought of judgement. Hard I know but stay with me here. Don’t add any thought of judgement as to what is going on around you saying this is good or this is bad. Just be the witness – the observer.  This practise is called the practise of the presence of God. When you practise this  (watch your mind it will argue against this) Something will happen. You will become peace itself as the observer of life. Which is who you are – The Divine within – The Observer. This is being one with God consciousness – the real you. When you are in total peace (even though there is turmoil around you) – you become like the eye of the storm/whirlwind.

The eye of any whirlwind (the eye of a whirlwind is the whirlwinds very centre) is total stillness. Yet the whirlwind around it has enough destructive energy to lift houses, cars, uproot trees, cause flooding and flatten and ruin whole cities.

There are many people in the profession of whirlwinds that love to chase and enter the eye of the whirlwind to experience being in the stillness. It is extremely fascinating that while the whirlwind is causing such havoc and destruction – in its very centre is absolute peace. This is how it can be for you.

You can realise that centre within you of total peace and stillness, while all around you there is the destruction of negativity.  You become centred when you observe in a state of non reaction. In this state you are better able to make right decisions rather than wrong decisions through conditioned reaction. When you keep practising observing as an onlooker in a state of detachment, you will experience feelings of bliss and peace. You touch your own soul of Divinity. You come home to BEING. Your true state of being.

Today begin to practise this - just observe as you go for a walk – drive your car – go shopping and other daily routines. Let life just unfold itself before you through your consciousness without any judgement on your part. And experience the stillness within . You will hear your mind argue. That’s okay just observe your mind too. Don’t argue back with the mind. Just let it be – let it rattle on – you just observe it. Don’t try to still the mind, that causes a battle. Just BE still WITH the mind – be still with it while it talks on and on. This is called being centred. This is the beginning of detachment. You are pure consciousness – you are pure awareness – you are being aware of your mind and thoughts instead of identifying with them - as you. You are awareness.

Debbie Anderson © 2015

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