The Word That Can Change Your Life

For Everything begins with the Word. In the bible is says – In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

Through the Word all things were made and that has been made. In Him was life and that life was the light of men.

Christ consciousness is the Word. What does that mean?

There is a realm of consciousness called the Light. The light of everlasting eternal life – So what does that mean?

It means the correct way to think and be in Being. It means to think as God thinks - the Supreme Being – Infinite Intelligence.
You mean God THINKS!!!!!

Yes He/she thinks. Infinite Intelligence thinks all the time. Supreme Being thinks, not as we do in linear time, but in the state of no time. All thoughts of creation, healing, life giving thoughts of God are contained in the ever present moment of Now. What we call the true void within us, contains the very DNA of all Gods healing, life giving, eternal thoughts, called the Word.

Supreme Being does not sit in a dark perpetual void of blank nothingness as many spiritual people think and have been taught.
So what is the void?

The true void is the no thought of opposing thoughts. The true void is the inner peace within us that contains all of Gods creational thoughts of love, peace, healing, hope, faith and joy to our mind and spirit.

The void of total blank nothingness is the Ego void – to feel numbed out in a false state of peace that could be disturbed at any time. This is the false void that scares the ego and confuses the mind.

True nothingness is a state of mind that has no attachment to any negative thought opposing the true realisation of one’s self.

That is why it is so hard for many people to enter the true state of nothingness. Because they don’t understand what it is. The ego is afraid to enter this state for fear of losing its identity. Yet the ego maintains its identity by trying to feel numbed out. Instead, the ego should be transmuted into the safety of the true void, containing the beauty of God’s Word in the ever present moment of now.

When we think as God thinks, we live and move and have our being rooted in the very essence of who God is – Supreme being – Infinite intelligence – The Light. The light is for man, to help light the way in his consciousness, for right being and thinking. This leads to conscious oneness, together with higher consciousness.

The names of God – the Word - tell us who God is in His very nature. The names of God are who He/She is. So the many names of God are also the Word. For instance, Gods names are many, he is called good, merciful, love, an ever present help in times of trouble, saviour, redeemer, compassionate, giver, helper, father, mother, nurturer, faithful and true, deliverer from evil, healer, rescuer, comforter, giver of wealth, blesses, kind, provider and the list goes on.

Today you can consciously connect with the Mind of God and think as Supreme Being thinks by taking the Word – a positive healing affirmation about what God can do for you or who God is and let it change the very fibre of your being, bringing life to your soul, bringing about change in your life.

Debbie Anderson © 2015

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