Personal Mantra Course Testimonials

Please read some of the feedback testimonials that I have received from clients who have tried the Personal Mantra Course.


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Filling in the holes left by other teachings

I began a Course in Enlightenment and the Law of Attraction eleven months ago, and my life will never be the same. Deborah’s course and teachings turned me on to a set of knowledge that had been absent from the law of attraction teachings and practices I had been learning and trying to use previously. With Deborah’s guidance, I began to combine the path of enlightenment with the law of attraction, and the results have been amazing!

My past attempts to use the LOA were frustrating at best. I was mainly focused in my own head, trying to force the LOA to help me achieve my goals through repeated affirmations and visualization. These are great tools, but I was only playing with half the deck. I had a difficult couple of years with much stress about money, business, and relationships. These were growing pains, and I also had many moments of joy mixed in as I grew.

With time, through education, practice, and meditation, I have been able to discover a deep knowing within myself that It’s All Good! C’mon! Let’s have some fun! For me, this is the path of enlightenment. This intuitive knowing has helped me to relax, release the force I had been using, and Allow the universe to help me. Old mental blocks are easier to clear, and goals are easier to achieve without stress. With laughter and joy, I watch the LOA at work.

I now have more than enough money in the bank and a great flow of abundance in and out. My personal mantra has helped me to follow my heart, and I know intuitively that my current goals are right for me at this time. I have released much in my life that I was allowing to hold me back. I am joyfully creating my dreams, and I am hitting many short term goals along the way. Life feels good!

There is much growth and learning still to come (for the rest of my life), and I welcome it joyfully. Deborah, thank you so much for putting this course together, and for helping to guide me along my path! Namaste.

Mark, USA


Awakened in Joy

Thank you Deborah, I have seen the light, it has truly opened my eyes. I feel good I have pure joy in knowing that I AM . It all makes so much sense now. I realise I was living in the illusion of my false self. Now that I am aware I do see that I have had the ability all along within to be who I truly am and that is to be the true me in love peace and joy in my state of awareness. Thank you

Philip, USA


Profound Accuracy

Every single word is bang on the bulls eye. This is the exact esoteric teachings of the east which has just simple logic but is fathomless in its profundity.

Bhaskar, India


Easy to Understand

Thank you. Finally an explanation I can understand. Thank you so much.

Callista, USA


More Energy and Confidence

Since the last email correspondence I have felt invigorated, re energised and much more confident to tackle what have been proven to be life changing decisions. For this I am eternally grateful.

Paul, UK


Found Love Within

I no longer have the need to look for love outside of myself. I have found it within. Thank you, you have changed my life. Your writing is so good and to the point. Thank you.

Peter, UK


Simple Yet Profound Teachings

What you share with us is awesome you have made some simple yet profound powerful distinctions that has assisted me enormously. Much gratitude to you.

Lisa, U.S.A


Babaji's Mantra moves the Heart Chakra Prana

I have just successfully downloaded the attachment. This is wonderful stuff. I received a message from Babaji last night. He has given me singing lessons for my personal mantra . He explained to me that it is the mantra for the movement of prana from the heart chakra.
In love and light.

Walt, Canada


A Great Help

Thank you for your insight Debbie. You have been a great help, believe me! God bless you and look forward to the next correspondence.

James, U.K.


Incredible Affirmations of Truth

Your affirmations are just incredible. Your writings sound so much like the enlightened writers, spiritual teachers and saints that speak of your higher self/ soul as who you really are. I practise every day, thank you.

Mystick, U.S.A


Excellent Affirmations

I like the explanation for the affirmations. The affirmations are excellent thank you.

Mariaka, U.S.A.


Spiritual Realization

These teachings make so much sense and have rekindle the flame within me. I realise now I am not my mind but that I am awareness. Bless you and thank you and master Babaji.



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