The Law of Gratitude

About a million years BC everything in life was absolutely free.

Together humanity sang the song of the Universe called The Word and through that song, using also the Law of the Universe – The Law of Gratitude - humanity was divinely provided for through creation of the Word.

However we lost our way and forgot the song and we replaced our creating abilities with the monetary system. Money is not bad, it is just a second hand currency. We lost our spiritual currency which was the song called the Word and Gratitude.

Everyone is talking about the Law Of Attraction but this Law cannot work of its own. It is not the Ultimate Law of the Universe. It is the outcome of the law of Gratitude.

There is only one main LAW and that is the Law Of Gratitude. All other laws are from this Law.

The Law of Gratitude is the Law Of Cause And Effect what do I mean here.

It’s simple, when you are grateful then you attract ( the law of attraction works through gratitude) every good thing that life can give you.

Living in Gratitude is working in harmony with the Law of the Universe – The Law Of Gratitude. In order to get results from this LAW you have to work with it. But if you become ungrateful you will draw more into your life, things to be ungrateful about. Therefore attracting into your life undesirable outcomes. It is that simple.

Gratitude is the Spiritual Currency

But we forgot the song of Gratitude our spiritual creational currency and our Word to work with it. When you use your personal mantra you are singing the song but you must have Gratitude in your heart. For it is gratitude that opens the way – it is the LAW. For instance say you want to manifest a house. Use your mantra the song and keep thanking the Universe or your God for your house every day. It is on its way to you but be open as to how. You don’t have to have belief just be very thankful. Gratitude is the Master key.
So what ever you want to manifest say your mantra with your request in your heart but with GRATITUDE this way you are working with the law of the Universe – The Law Of Gratitude.

And keep thanking God. And it will manifest.

Gratitude is Manifestation

Just as it is so with the Law Of Gravity. When you jump up you will come down. The Law is impersonal and so it is with the Law Of Gratitude. The Universe – God – The Light does not have an ego problem. It doesn’t grant us things because IT needs to be thanked. No. The Law Of the Universe – is The Law Of Gratitude and through gratitude is Attraction. And the Attraction – The Law of Attraction simply works through The Law Of Gratitude in BEING. In being either ungrateful or grateful.

It is the grateful heart that is the magnet. The entire process of mental, spiritual and material riches can be summed up in six words – being in a state of gratitude. A thankful person will draw more blessings to him/her. From the book - Infinite Power To Be Rich, by Joseph Murphy – born in poverty Lucien after paying his rent was left with only fifty cents a day for meals. He would hold the money in his hands everyday and say ‘God multiplies this and I give thanks I am receiving more and more money everyday. Lucien began to attract though the Law of Gratitude business oportunities and he continued to show gratitude by saying thank you Father. He eventually ended up with a five million dollar business and more.

In the Old Testament when the people complained against God and Moses when they left Egypt, they never entered the promised land. Was this Gods punishment? No. Complaining is the opposite of being thankful. When they complained they attracted with an ungrateful heart more to complain about. Joshua and Caleb were the only two out of thousands who didn’t complained but entered the promised land with a grateful heart.

Let us then enter our promised land with a grateful heart knowing that the Universe – through the working with the Law of the Universe – the Law of Gratitude - will give us our hearts desire. Because our hearts desire with gratitude is the MAGNET.

Debbie Anderson © 2015

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