The Law of Attraction

Excerpt from The Lost Esoterical Teachings Of Jesus

What you are attracted to -  you attract into your life.

If you feel unworthy, you will be attracted to and attract relationships that mirror your belief about yourself.

 You are powerful – you have the power to choose your thoughts negative or positive. In choosing your thoughts you choose your feelings. There is nothing wrong with you other than what your mind says – negative thoughts.

How you see yourself is how others see you.

If you see yourself as a success, you will attract others to see what you see in yourself a success.

What you belief about yourself is what others will believe about you.

How you feel about yourself is what others will feel about you.

 A person who has complete confidence in himself will be able to influence those around him to have full confidence in him.

A person who has complete self acceptance will be able to influence those around him to fully accept him.

 A person who has self respect will be able to influence and command respect from others.

All feelings activate the Law Of Attraction whether negative or positive. 

You don’t try to change your outside world. But when you have pleasure in observing your  visualisation. Your outside world changes. It falls inline with the pleasure you feel in observing your visualization. It si in the state of joy - pleasure and gratitude that attracts what you are being. ( joy /pleasure/gratitude) - not what you are wanting.

You see what you want to see more of - this is called the all seeing eye of God that you see on the back of a dollar. God only sees what he/she wants to see more of. Choose to see the positive in everything and then you will see and attract more of it.

Excerpt from The Lost Esoterical Teachings Of Jesus

Debbie Anderson © 2015

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