A Six Week Online E-Course

Awaken to a Higher DImension

6 God Consciousness Lessons

Gain Esoteric Powers And Insight, Wealth, Success, Inner Peace,
Realize Your Highest Potential, Your Destiny, Alchemy of mind,
Well Being, love and joy. Invoking the dormant Christ Light within you.


You are more than what you think you are.


Using The Three Ancient Paths Six week online E-course


This course is about Enlightenment, The Law of Attraction and God Consciousness Now

Bringing Together For Your Success These Three Ancient Paths For Divine Manifestation.

Success, Prosperity And Inner Bliss Is A System

And the system is revealed in this course, working with the three ancient paths.


Included in the Course

Every week for six weeks you will be sent a 20 page lesson via email attachment with an audio affirmation meditation to help you Awaken To A Higher Dimension


Your Very Own Personal Affirmation Document

You will receive your very own personal affirmations document designed exclusively for you to help transform your life. Let me know what changes you wish to see in your life and I will make the affirmations for you that work.

You will have support throughout the course by email. Any questions you may have will be answered by email correspondence.


You will receive 6 Lessons and 3 free eBooks

Working With Miracles Within ebook
Lesson One

1. What is Enlightenment ?

2. What is the Law of Attraction ?

3. How the mind works against us and for us

4. How the principle of the path of Enlightenment – desire less – and the Law of Attraction – desire – work together for right manifestation and realization.

5. How to meditate – as the witness

6. Meditation technique for manifestation

7. Powerful Daily Affirmation to bring about positive manifestation

Working With Miracles Within ebookLesson Two

1. How the principle of the path of Enlightenment – no thought – and the Law of Attraction – thought – work together to realize the bliss state within.

2. How to work with thought in silence

3. How to detach from negative thoughts and feelings

4. What is the Bliss state and how to realise bliss within

5. Who am I? Discover who you are

6. Meditation technique for silencing the mind

7. Daily affirmations for silencing the mind

Working With Miracles Within ebookLesson Three

1. How to use Alchemy to transmute negativity using the bliss state and the Law of Attraction

2. How to be at peace when surrounded by negativity.

3. Realising inner peace during turmoil Insert lesson

4. Meditation technique for inner peace –eye of the storm

5. Daily affirmation for renewing the mind – Inner peace


Working With Miracles Within ebookLesson Four

1. How to use The Law of Gratitude f or manifestation

2. How gratitude using the path of Enlightenment and the Law of Attraction brings you into experiencing inner bliss and joy at the same time finding all your needs met effortlessly.

3. How gratitude heals the past wounds

4. Meditation technique for gratitude

5. Daily affirmations for gratitude

Working With Miracles Within ebookLesson Five

1. How to apply the correct use of visualisation

2. How nothing is real

3. Change Karma using the Law of Attraction

4. Meditation technique for releasing Karma

5. Daily affirmations change bad karma – a negative thought pattern


Working With Miracles Within ebookLesson Six

1. How you can realize Enlightenment

2. Realizing God consciousness

3. God consciousness the higher way of thinking

4. God consciousness the higher way of Being

5. How can I make contact with Universal supply

6. How to overcome the feeling of lack

7. Meditation technique for realizing Enlightenment

8.. Daily affirmations for Enlightenment

Working With Miracles Within ebookWorking With Miracles Within - Free eBook

Be The Master Of Your Mind And You Will Be The Master Of Your Life

This book will help you to transform the way you think for radical change in your life. Using affirmations for Alchemy of mind and manifestation.

Help you understand what true affirmations are.

Help you understand the importance of affirmations.

How powerful affirmations work.

How to avoid the affirmations that do not work.

The blue print technique for transformation.

The law of Divine truth bringing manifestation.

How to know which affirmations will work for you to bring power into your life.

The Lost Esoterical Teachings of Jesus ebookThe Lost Esoterical Teachings of Jesus - The Wisdom of the Universe - Free eBook

Given to Deborah Anderson by the Masters. This book is about the Lost teachings of Jesus, revealing the dynamics of the mind and how our beliefs shape our lives and decision making. This book shows how we can change our beliefs, that act as our very foundation, for self-image, for the better. Therefore, bringing about right manifestation, through right decision making. How to die to the negative ego and resurrect into the higher consciousness.


A Timeless Dance with Death - Free eBook

This is a very moving book written by Deborah Anderson and has received acclaim from some of the world’s authorities on near death experiences, mystical states of consciousness and spirituality.

You will read about her experience with God and the light beings. The conversation she had with the Light beyond the Veil revealing secrets of the life beyond.

Reviews can be read in the E-book from Rene Jorgensen author of Awakening After Life, Behind 90 minutes in Heaven and The Light behind God, Gina Kim author of A Yogini’s Autobiography.

The 6-week online course has been put together by Deborah Anderson to help you Awaken To A Higher Power and to cut through the jargon of spirituality and present to you easy practical guide to meditation and enlightenment.

Deborah Anderson currently features in a film along with Bob Proctor and Joshua Mills, The Grand Self by James Sinclair.


Course Feedback Testimonials

Awakened in Joy

Thank you Deborah, I have seen the light, it has truly opened my eyes. I feel good. I have pure joy in knowing that I AM . It all makes so much sense now.– Philip, USA

Profound Accuracy

Every single word is bang on the bulls eye. This is the exact esoteric teachings of the east which has just simple logic but is fathomless in its profundity. – Bhaskar, India

Easy to Understand

Thank you. Finally an explanation I can understand. Thank you so much. – Callista, USA

More Energy and Confidence

Since the last email correspondence I have felt invigorated, re energised and much more confident to tackle what have been proven to be life changing decisions. For this I am eternally grateful. – Paul, UK

Found Love Within

I no longer have the need to look for love outside of myself. I have found it within. Thank you, you have changed my life. Your writing is so good and to the point. Thank you. – Peter, UK


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

There is a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. You can keep the course and the 3 free e-books.

We are confident that you will enjoy the course and experience a radical change in your thinking that will help you on your spiritual journey.



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Deborah Anderson

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Realize Your God Consciousness Now
Your Higher Self: A 6 Week E-Course

This course will help you, step by step, in six easy lessons to break down the illusion of separation in your mind. It will help you to consciously realise God Consciousness, Your Higher Self. Find out the sound (mantra) you were born with. When you know your personal mantra, together with the sound Aum, it will help you to realise The Higher Way Of Thinking and Being. I have devised this course, with the blessing of my Guru, to help you, step by step, realise God Consciousness using the steps he showed me. Learn more...