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In addition to the Realize Your God Consciousness Now, Your Higher Self: A 6 Week E-Course, Deborah Anderson offers books and ebooks. Please view the online store below to purchase these book and ebooks to support you on your spiritual path.

The Lost Esoterical Teachings of Jesus

A Timeless Dance with Death

Working with Miracles Within




Lost Esoterical Teachings of JesusThe Lost Esoterical Teaching of Jesus


Everyone is looking for happiness

It is your birth right to be in a permanent state of bliss. This is what you are all inherently looking for. All of humanity is looking for happiness. To be immersed in that total state of permanent exctasy and bliss. Of course consumerism knows this all too well. As Paul Mckenna rightly states in his book 'I Can Make You Rich' he mentions about Edward Bernays who was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, taught companies how to link the purchase of goods to peoples ego needs. The ego needs a means to find happiness outside of your self through social standing, people, circumstances and objects. But seeking happiness this way doesn't last and that is when suffering comes storming in.

Is it really possible to live in this world in a permanent state of ecstasy ? Well, yes it is. When you are no longer tossed about by emotions, you are then able to make better decisions for your life. Instead of being troubled by something appearing negative to you, you are able to 'Let It Be' and in that mindset take right actions instead of a negative reaction.

So How Can A Westerner Reach Inner Happiness - Enlightenment ?

When you are sick and tired of suffering you are near enlightenment. But you need to learn detachment of the conditioned mindset first. This is where this book comes in.

Ask yourself, if you continue on the path you are on, where will your life be in a years time ?

Are you willing to step out of your conditioned mindset, binded by its emotional highs and lows, and prepare for permanent bliss in your life ?

Now is the time to do something

My mission is to help others acheive this bliss state called Enlightenment- inner happiness

It is by no accident that you are here. There is something for everyone in this book and if you are searching, the answer is in the book. These teachings were not meant to be secret or lost!. They were for everyone, to liberate and heal the mind and soul. This book is for you to find your destiny, your soul purpose, inner healing, detachment from negative thinking and stepping towards inner happiness - Enlightenment.

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Timeless Dance with DeathThe Timeless Dance With Death

Discover the amazing message God has for you. As He took me, in just 3 minutes, from life into death, deep into his Light and into the pesence of the true God - a truley loving Being.

At 2am in the morning of the 18th of July 2009. I was laying awake, in bed, meditating. Suddenly there before me, was Sri Mahavatar Babaji, Jesus Christ and God. The three Beings spoke to me gently, telling me the news that I was going to die. Shocked, I asked when and how?A Timeless Dance with Death NDE book

" In three minutes" answered the Light...

In my new book A Timeless Dance with Death, read about my journey into the bliss state and back. A near death experience that transformed my life and took me, in just three minutes, deep into the Light and into the presence of the true God - a truly loving Being.

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Timeless Dance with DeathWorking with Miracles Within

Learn everything you need to know about the affirmations in this book called Working With Miracles Within. You'll learn the following topics:

- Working with God Consciousness using affirmations for inner change and manifestation
- What are affirmations
- Why do I need affirmations
- How do affirmations work
- Why affirmations do not work
- The blue print technique
- The law of Divine truth
- How do I know which affirmations will work for me
- Why some positive affirmations do not work
- Preparing your mind for change
- Written affirmations to help you overcome fear, self acceptance, prosperity in business, success, courage, healing, inner guidance, self love, patients, detox of the mind, releasing affirmations and provision

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Realize Your God Consciousness Now
Your Higher Self: A 6 Week E-Course

This course will help you, step by step, in six easy lessons to break down the illusion of separation in your mind. It will help you to consciously realise God Consciousness, Your Higher Self. Find out the sound (mantra) you were born with. When you know your personal mantra, together with the sound Aum, it will help you to realise The Higher Way Of Thinking and Being. I have devised this course, with the blessing of my Guru, to help you, step by step, realise God Consciousness using the steps he showed me. Learn more...