Be the Master of Your Mind

Understanding your Mind

For positive thinking to work you have to understand your mind. And the first things you must learn are:

You are not your mind.
You are not your thoughts.
You are not your feelings.
Your mind is a tool for thinking.
Your thoughts are visitors to your mind.
And you experience your feelings - they are not you.

We all think our mind defines who we are - our thoughts and emotions. And because of this, we feel we cannot change our mind. Why ? Because we feel we are changing a fundamental part of ourselves.

The mind, with all its thinking, feelings, negativity and reactions, becomes our master. It dictates to us what and how to think and what and how to feel. So we believe we are our conditioned mindset. And that we are controlled by our mind and thoughts. Thereby believing wrongly, that our mind and the thoughts that visit the mind represent our identity.

The mind takes control of our life with its endless chatter of thoughts about the past bringing about feelings (all thoughts produce feelings) that overwhelm us therefore taking control of our decisions and actions in our daily life.

Sometimes we feel out of control when our mind dictates to us and we feel desperate to escape from our minds. This is in fact, a good reaction. Because it is then that you realise, you are not your mind. So if the mind is not you and you are not the mind then who are you and what is your mind?

You Are Awareness. When you realise this, you will become the master of your mind instead of your mind being your master.

Awareness means that you become aware of your thoughts and feelings as a separate entity. You are simply observing your thoughts and feelings coming from a state of awareness. Just as you are aware of a table, the room you are in or the television. You are watching, you experience the presence of these items, but they  are not you. They are separate entities and it is in this context that you must attempt to view your mind and all the random – sometimes destructive thoughts – that it brings to you.

Reprograming the Mind 

Jesus said – Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Once you grasp, that you are not your mind, but that your mind is a tool for constructive thinking (and you choose which thoughts to think) you will be able to reprogram your mind with positive affirmations, replacing negative, dysfunctional thoughts with positive, healing, constructive thoughts.

Why do we have to work at being positive?

Because the mind is predominantly negative. It reacts negatively through fear and has been conditioned by our predecessors through their negative patterns of thinking. In other words through parenthood and all the dictates of society you have been effectively programmed to think in a certain way. The mind is like a computer disk, it records what has been fed into it.     

Your mind has recorded every event, experience and word that has been spoken to you from day one of your life. And your mind, having recorded a life time of information, becomes a conditioned mindset reacting on your behalf to negative and positive events that happen to you.  And the only way you can change your negative conditioned mindset is to reprogram it with positive affirmations.

How do I use affirmations effectively?

You reprogram your mind by speaking affirmations that work for you to your mind and once again remembering to regard your mind as a separate entity.

For instance, if you believe you are a failure you must speak to your mind that you are a success. You talk to your mind. By talking to the mind you are reprogramming it. However it will feel like a lie at first and your mind will put up all sorts of barriers against you trying to reprogram it.

When this happens don’t get into an argument with your mind just keep reprogramming it – it will take time. But you are in charge of your mind – not the other way around.

This goes for feelings as well. If you feel like a failure speak to the feeling a positive affirmation - I am a success.

Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

This happens when we try to ‘convince ourselves’ that we are a success. Convincing yourself never works. This is the wrong application of positive affirmations – positive thoughts. This is why New Year resolutions hardly ever work because people are trying to convince and change themselves instead of changing there minds as a separate entity.

Today I want you to just take a few minutes in observing that you are not your mind like you are not your feet. Your feet are a part of you, you use your feet for walking. Your mind is a part of you in the sense that you use your mind as a tool for constructive thinking.

Today sit quietly and observe you thoughts. Don’t worry about what you might be thinking. Just be aware of them passing through your mind. Then be aware of your feelings, any feelings. Notice that what ever you think changes how you feel. Just by changing your thoughts, you change your feelings. Notice that you experience your feelings but you are not the feelings themselves, even though you feel they effect you. They effect you because they are feelings they want to be experienced and felt by you, but it is not you. Observe your mind then as a separate entity. If you can do this you will be on your way to successfully reprogramming your mind making you master of your life.  

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