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In the year 2002 October the 14th Sri Sathya Sai Baba bi located from India and visited Deborah 3am in the morning in her home town in England. Sri Sathya Sai Baba manifested himself before Deborah, sitting crossed legged on the floor to her Left. Sai Baba came with forty other divine beings while filling the room with Light. Sai Baba told Deborah, that he knew who she was - being the true reincarnation of Mary of Magdalene. When he said this to her, he gently placed his left hand, on her heart while holding her right hand. Deborah then wept, praising Jesus with deep love as Sai Baba held her hand. Sai Baba helped to heal Deborah as she had carried the pain of all women in the Magdalene spirit.

As a result of their meeting, Deborah was able to teach men and women how to meditate and how to hold and transmute their personal pain and suffering of the collective consciousness into her beloved Lord, Christ Consciousness. She helps to heal mind body and soul through ancient breath work – ancient massage, tantric yoga of the mind, combined with meditation.

This was followed in 2006 by a psychic named Allen who told Deborah who she was, confirming what Sai Baba had told her.

Many more people came forward testifying to the fact that Deborah was truly the reincarnation of Mary of Magdalene before and after Sri Sathya Sai Babas visit. Deborah held silent while, Rabbis, leading Christian men and women of God, physics, spiritual leaders, Indian gurus and Masters told Deborah who she was, since the age of three.

On Babaji’s next visit, he gave her the mantra Aum Namaha Shivaya as well as her personal mantra and told her to continue chanting the mantras until his return. He also anointed Deborah, to give out personal mantras – the Word or prophesy to help hundreds of people to ‘silence their minds’ and to transmute the destructive word to the healing word within.
Deborah’s next meeting with the Masters came at 2am on the morning of July the 18th 2009 When she experienced, what is called, an awakening death experience. When Deborah was visited by Sri Mahavatar Babaji and Jesus Christ and the Masters, she was told she was going to die within three minutes. Babaji, Jesus and the Masters helped Deborah through the process of dying and the transition of death itself.

Upon her death, she experienced going straight into the light of Christ consciousness. There she realised the awareness, of being one with - The Supreme Being and the Word. Here she discovered the no-thing – the utter bliss of the void and yet everything in Christ Consciousness - The Word. She found herself in Being - outside of time - in a state of realised oneness, with life itself beyond breath.

After a while, Deborah embarked on a journey to learn more about her death experience. She later discovered Rene author of Light Behind Being. And Rene was able to share with her others, who had, what is known as an N.D.E experience.

Deborah’s journey was to deepen into the realm of the breathless joy and to awaken the fire within her and those who came to her, in realised Divine union with The Supreme Being. knowing only One Power in bliss and Divine manifestation. Shortly after Deborah’s death initiation, she applied her knowledge of The One Power into all aspects of her life.

Deborah now (with the blessings of Babaji and Jesus) helps others transform their ego to the ONE POWER of eternal life through the three stages of Enlightenment and through working with the three ancient paths of Enlightenment, Law of Attraction and God Consciousness. All being the One Power, of The Supreme Intelligence – God- going beyond enlightenment.

Deborah is also qualified as an advanced counsellor, relationship counsellor, professional, curative hypnotherapist and tantric yoga of the mind and uses her profession and knowledge, from Babaji and Jesus to help many people, while in a deeply relaxed state, to realise their Higher Self - their God Self within to realise inner peace, happiness, bliss and Divine manifestation.

She has also helped many people to change how they think about themselves, helping to bring about change in their perspective of themselves bringing about inner and outer healing. Using the principle of One Power from the three ancient paths – Enlightenment, law Of Attraction and God Consciousness.

When The light within you wakes up, you then wake up from the entanglement
of the dual aspect of the ego into the eternal Light of One Power.

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