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Gain Esoteric Powers And Insight, Wealth, Success, Inner Peace, Love, Wellbeing
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You are more than what you think you are.


A radical book full of powerful affirmation techniques to help you bring about positive change in your life working with Higher consciousness. Yours free when you sign up for the weekly newsletter.

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How one woman entered her promised land of abundance
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How a businessman became debt free in three months
How an anxious person found inner peace during a time of disturbance
How one man became wealthy with the realisation of inner wealth
How a friend expanded his business through the power of the word
How a woman stopped her house from being repossessed
How an unemployed man found a new job for his perfect self-expression
How someone overcame years of depression
How a man lost weight after years of being overweight
And much more.

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Your Higher Self: A 6 Week E-Course


For Those Who Wish to Readically Change Their Life

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This course is called Enlightenment, The Law of Attraction and God Consciousness Now.
It is about bringing together the three ancient paths for Divine manifestation, realisation and inner bliss.
Success, Prosperity And Inner Bliss Is Not A Secret
Success, Prosperity And Inner Bliss Is A System
And the system is revealed in the course, working with the three ancient paths.
Every week you will be sent a 20 page lesson via email attachment.
Any questions you may have will be answered by email.

Not only do you get the course but you get three E-books for free when you purchase the course.

The three E-books are:

The Lost Esoterical Teachings of Jesus ebook1) The Lost Esoterical Teachings of Jesus

Given to Deborah by the Masters. This book is about the dynamics of the mind and how our beliefs shape our lives and decision making. This book shows, how we can change our beliefs, that act as our very foundation, for self-image, for the better. Therefore, bringing about right manifestation, through right decision making. How to die to the negative ego and resurrect into the higher consciousness.

This book can be purchased separately on the Books page here.

2) A Timeless Dance With Death

This book is about a conversation Deborah had with the Light, when she found she had died and gone on to the other side with Jesus and Babajis help. This is a very moving book and has received acclaim from some of the world’s authorities on near death Experiences, mystical states of consciousness and spirituality.

Reviews can be read in the E-book from Rene Jorgensen author of Awakening After Life, Behind 90 minutes in Heaven and The Light behind God, Gina Kim author of A Yogini’s Autobiography, and Nandhi an enlightened yogi of the siddhars Gurus and Masters In India founder of the Arriven temple Santa Monica.

This book can be purchased separately on the Books page here.

Working With Miracles Within ebook3) Working With Miracles Within

This is a small E-book that covers how to use the right words for right manifestation and how to use affirmations so they truly work for you.

This course helps you to connect with your Higher Self and find inner bliss, silence of mind and detachment. Working with God Consciousness means to work with Good Consciousness - a higher way of thinking. It is constructive, replacing every negative thought with a positive one.

You are here to experience who you are in joy. To meet challenges, without despair and to see opportunities in crisis. When you tap into your higher consciousness you become inspired and intuitive. You are able to take right action instead of negative reaction. You become self confident. Your self esteem is raised and you are better able to control your negative emotions and thoughts.

You find you are better able to love yourself and you will no longer need the approval of others in order to feel loved. You become self empowered, living life to the full in your true reality bringing inner healing.

This book can be purchased separately on the Books page here.


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Connect Now

Learn powerful methods to connect to your Higher Self.



Feel energized and uplifted as you realize your Divinity.



Manifest the life you have always dreamed possible.

Working with God Consciousness Now
Enlightenment and the Law of Attraction

This course will help you, step by step, in six easy lessons to break down the illusion of separation in your mind. It will help you to consciously realise God Consciousness, Pure Consciousness, Your Higher Self, The Higher Way Of Thinking and Being. It will help you to enter the gates of Paradise-thinking. Remember that God Consciousness is not so out there or out of reach, that you cannot connect with it.

You do not achieve this state - you realise it.

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I look forward to serving you along with Babaji and the Masters. May you know the abundance and joys of the blessings of the Masters

Deborah Anderson – Anandi Devi

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Awakened in Joy

Thank you Deborah, I have seen the light, it has truly opened my eyes. I feel good. I have pure joy in knowing that I AM . It all makes so much sense now.

Philip, USA

Profound Accuracy

Every single word is bang on the bulls eye. This is the exact esoteric teachings of the east which has just simple logic but is fathomless in its profundity.

Bhaskar, India

Easy to Understand

Thank you. Finally an explanation I can understand. Thank you so much.

Callista, USA

More Energy and Confidence

Since the last email correspondence I have felt invigorated, re energised and much more confident to tackle what have been proven to be life changing decisions. For this I am eternally grateful.

Paul, UK

Found Love Within

I no longer have the need to look for love outside of myself. I have found it within. Thank you, you have changed my life. Your writing is so good and to the point. Thank you.

Peter, UK



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There is a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. You can keep the course and the 3 free e-books.

We are confident that you will enjoy the course and experience a radical change in your thinking that will help you on your spiritual journey.

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Channelled by Deborah Anandi Devi


You can ask up to 3 questions by email using the contact form. Deborah will then reply to you concerning the questions. If you are happy to go ahead she will spend time on your behalf with Babaji.

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Wisdom Calls

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